Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Department Brief

The Department of Human and Social Sciences was established in 2007, separated from the psychology department at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. The Department seeks to provide educational and training services, and provide the community with qualified staff for the labor market by providing students with scientific knowledge, practices, professional experience, information skills, critical thinking skills, problem-solving ability and teamwork in addition to promoting scientific research, disseminating knowledge, and contributing to the development of society. And the promotion of cultural, literary and intellectual life both within and outside Jordan. The Department teaches many of the basic compulsory and elective requirements of the University and the College, such as: National Education, Arabic Language, English, military Science, Islamic Culture, contemporary issues, critical Thinking skills, History of Jordan and Palestine, Environment and Public Safety, Media and Public Relations, etc., through specialized and distinguished academic staff, these courses are offered to all university students with different specializations. Therefore, the Department of Human and Social Sciences always seeks to develop its academic plans and to review its courses to cope with the scientific development, in accordance with well-known international academic credentials, and to track everything new. This is in order to achieve the mission of the department, which is to improve the educational, cultural and personal skills of the university students, so as to ensure the achievement of good citizenship, belonging and loyalty to the country, develop the skills of creative and leading students in their fields of specialization and develop their own learning skills, in order to activate the role of students in positively dealing with social, human and national issues. And to play their part with the community and its institutions, and develop the concept of genuine partnership.