Faculty of Arts and Sciences

Department Brief

The Department of Basic Sciences aims to provide the students with the scientific and knowledge aspect in order to build their specialist structure that refine their scientific and research skills and their postgraduate studies later on, in addition to emphasizing the system of values and trends within the concept of "Al-Ahliyya Amman Private University, the source of knowledge, morality and partnership", where the Department of Basic Sciences / College of Arts and Sciences is teaching various basic courses such as mathematics and statistics, specialized physics, practical physics, specialized biology, practical biology, specialized chemistry, and practical chemistry. These courses are offered to students of scientific colleges at the university (College of Pharmacy and Medical Sciences, College of Engineering in all its branches and the College of Information Technology). The Department of Basic Sciences includes faculty members specializing in various sciences of mathematics, statistics, physics, biology, theoretical and applied chemistry, in addition to the presence of a laboratory supervisor who prepares the necessary laboratory tools and equipment to carry out scientific experiments, in order to consolidate theoretical concepts in various physics subjects, in order to move forward to achieve the vision and the objectives of Al-Ahliyya Amman University. The Department of Basic Sciences contributes to boost the university’s scientific and cultural path through the active participation of faculty members in research, conferences, seminars and various specialized scientific journals.