Faculty of Arts and Sciences


To improve the educational, cultural and personal skills of students at the University to ensure the achievement of valid citizenship.


  • Provide students with the knowledge and skills that prepare them for the labor market.
  • Reinforce the role of students in positively dealing with social, humanitarian and national issues.
  • Interaction with the community and its institutions, and developing the concept of genuine partnership.
  • Encourage applied scientific research.
  • Disseminate knowledge and contribute to the development of society.
  • Develop students self-learning skills.

Core Values

  • Justice and integrity: Adherence to the principle of justice, equality of opportunity, honesty and respect for the ethics of the profession among members of the
  • teaching and administrative bodies.
  • Transparency: Commitment to clarity and objectivity in the management of all scientific and educational activities.
  • Belonging and citizenship: Ensuring that members of the educational, administrative, and student bodies have a deeper loyalty to the homeland.
  • Leadership and teamwork: Faith in the institutional, responsibility and team spirit.
  • Quality and Excellence: Application of quality assurance standards adopted by higher education institutions in Jordan and the University.
  • Creativity: Commitment to develop students creative and leadership skills according to their specialization.