Faculty of Arts and Sciences


Upgrading students knowledge and developing their skills in the areas of basic sciences to enhance their abilities to understand the requirements of their subspecialties.


  • Providing students with knowledge and skills in the fields of basic sciences and their applications.
  • Providing teaching services in the fields of basic sciences for students of various colleges.
  • Contribute to the development of effective skills and basic science courses to keep up with modern technology, and meet the needs of the programs and the labor market.
  • Encourage faculty members to conduct scientific research in the fields of basic sciences and to participate in scientific conferences.
  • Build and develop the methodology of thinking and scientific research for students.
  • Develop the learning and teaching skills of faculty members in the department.

Core Values

  • Justice and integrity: where the commitment to the principle of justice, equal opportunities, honesty and respect for professional ethics among the members of the teaching and administrative staff.
  • Transparency: commitment to clarity and objectivity in management of all scientific and educational activities.
  • Quality and Excellence: Apply quality assurance standards that are approved by higher education institutions in Jordan and the University.
  • Creativity: commitment to developing students creative and entrepreneurial skills, each according to his / her specialty.