After adding the Network Laboratory to the Computer Engineering program and obtaining the Information Technology Faculty to accreditation of the Networks & Information Security program, the University Presidency was keen to prepare a laboratory specialized in the networks field, for this purpose, the University prepared a cadre of academic staff members and laboratories’ supervisors, specialized in networks’ devices referred to the Cisco Global Company. The Laboratory has been also provided with the latest computers and technologies in the field of networks, taken from the Cisco Company concerned in the networks field, as the University administration provided the Laboratory with the most modern computers accompanied with furnishing this to be a fully-equipped Laboratory.



Laboratory Equipment


The Laboratory has been provided with the latest networks’ devices which include Routers, Switches, ASA, Access Points, and its related attachments of Cables and Cable Testers. The Laboratory has been also provided with modern computers. As it has been installed many of software related to the networks management such as Sniffers, programs and Network Simulator. Adding to this, the Laboratory has been furnished with new furniture including computers’ cabinets provided with electric connections, air conditioners, new tables & chairs, and posters for advertising purpose.



Cisco Networking Academy Program


Since signing the Memorandum of Understanding with Cisco Academy, the University administration was keen to prepare a cadre of academic staff members and laboratories’ supervisors to teach courses of the Networks & Information Security Department, and to teach courses of Cisco Academy; as some of the staff members obtained certificates and licenses to teach Cisco Courses (CCNA).



Courses are served by the Laboratory


In this Laboratory, practical experiments will be taken place for a number of courses for Information Technology and Engineering Faculties, including (Computer Networks, Advanced Internet Protocols, and Networks Security) Courses.



Training Courses are offered by the Laboratory


Having the current equipment and cadre of academic & technical staff at the Laboratory, the Lab is able to offer CISCO courses including CCNA, CCNA Security, and other advanced Cisco courses which serve a large number of students and technicians from the University and off-campus.

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