Field Training in Psychological Program:

This course provides field training in hospitals, psychiatric centers, and clinics in the public and private sectors, under the supervision of faculty members in the department.

Field training is a mandatory requirement to obtain a Bachelor degree in Psychology. The student is allowed to register for the practical training course after successfully completing at least 90 credit hours of his study plan.

  • The number of hours of practical training is 120 hours of training that the student spends in one of the approved training bodies for a period of fourteen consecutive weeks. The student must submit comprehensive reports of assessment, diagnosis and treatment plan for the cases he-she dealt with after the end of the training period, in addition to training on the application of various psychological tests it specifies the nature of the training he-she underwent and the benefits and experiences he gained from the training.
  • The Training Committee, headed by the Assistant Dean for Field Training Affairs, follows up on the application of field training instructions, procedures, forms and everything related to student training. An academic advisor is also assigned from the faculty members to supervise and follow up the students during the field-training period and to communicate with the training authorities.
  • Students training is evaluated by the academic supervisor according to the following bases:
  1. Confidential evaluation prepared by the training authority according to the "Confidential Evaluation of Practical Training" form, in addition to the practical training record. The student must submit it within a maximum period of two weeks before the end of the semester, and 20% of the total mark is allocated.
  2. The training report prepared by the student and includes a brief about the training body, the subject of training and the work he-she was assigned to during the training period, case study reports and a summary showing the extent of the benefit gained from the training, and 40% of the total mark is allocated.
  3. The final exam, for which 40% of the total mark is allocated.


Field Training in English language and translation Program:


Field Training is a practical course for the students of English language and translation. Students can take it after completing 90 credited hours out of 132 hours.
As part of the partnership between higher education institutions and employers in the labor market in Jordan, specialized reputable institutions are being contracted to offer our students translation training where they can get acquainted with the requirements of the market and the nature of the career path through direct contact with their clients.
Sudents’ performance and commitment are being followed up by the course instructor and the trainer at the institution who will later on evaluate their performance accordingly. At the end of the course, students receive a field training certificate from the the concerned institution which is kept in the department.

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