Vission, Mission, Objectives and Core Values


A smart, globally competing, innovation supporting school that excels in its academic programs



Equipping the graduates of the School of Arts and Science with the skills needed to fully understand their academic discipline, foster the role of languages in human communication, enhance a culture of good citizenship and actively engage in scientific research and community service.



  • Equipping graduate students with skills and knowledge needed in various academic disciplines.
  • Developing students’ communication skills.
  • Enabling students to strike a balance between theoretical and practical knowledge in various academic programs offered by the School of Arts and Science.
  • Nurturing a culture of academic research among faculty and administrative bodies.
  • Widening the scope of Postgraduate Programs.
  • Attracting highly qualified people whose scientific and academic caliber would bring about distinguished academic programs.
  • Updating and upgrading academic programs.
  • Integrating modern technology with the educational process.


Core Values

  1. Justice and Integrity: Abiding by the principles of justice, equal opportunity, honesty and maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct among teaching and administrative staff.
  2. Transparency: Commitment to ethics of clarity and objectivity in the process of conducting all scientific and educational activities.
  3. Citizenship: Maintaining a genuine patriotism of homeland among faculty members, administrators and students.
  4. Leadership and team spirit: Fostering belief in institutionalization, ethical responsibility and team spirit. 5- Quality and Excellence: Appling quality assurance standards as approved and legislated by the Accreditation of Higher
  5. Education Institutions in Jordan and Amman Al-Ahliyya University.
  6. Creativity: Commitment to enhance students’ creative and entrepreneurial skills needed in their academic disciplines.
  7. Diversity: Fostering Tolerance.
  8. Community Responsibility.

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