Clinical Psychology Department


Enabling graduates to deal with psychological and social problems with skill and high efficiency. developing scientific, logical and critical thinking skills, keeping abreast of scientific developments in the areas of psychological services, activating the role of students in practicing social communication and community service, and promoting a culture of good citizenship.


  • Developing theoretical and practical experiences to understand and explain human behavior in the various fields of psychology.
  • Improving the research skills necessary to conduct research and studies in the various fields of psychology and linking them to the needs of society.
  • Contribute to addressing psychological issues in the community.
  • Enhancing partnership with local community organizations interested in psychological areas.
  • Empowering students and preparing them to work in mental health centers.
  • Enabling students to apply specialized tests to diagnose psychological conditions.
  • Development of positive attitudes towards psychology.


Core Values

  • Justice and integrity: adherence to and applying the laws, principles and ethics regulating the profession of the psychologist.
  • Transparency: providing the necessary information clearly and objectively with a view to facilitating effective decision-making and scientific and educational activities.
  • Affiliation and Citizenship: Promote and deepen the spirit of belonging and loyalty to the country and the university among the members of the teaching and administrative staff and students.
  • Leadership and Teamwork: Promoting a culture of institutional work and taking responsibility and working in a team based on cooperation and solidarity to achieve the departments goals.
  • Quality: applying quality assurance standards to achieve a distinguished position for the department.
  • Excellence: The program was distinguished by providing various knowledge and sciences, developing various skills eligible for students and keeping abreast of scientific developments.
  • Creativity: developing students creative skills and helping them to achieve leadership in their specialization.
  • Partnership: Strengthening partnership with local community institutions, which contributes to developing the skills of faculty members and students, their capabilities and assistance in providing psychological services.

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